I Do This (Single)

by Tikayoh-Blu Boi Muusic



I...spit...flames...you a match and you can't even match me, I'm tellin you
I...am...game...if you try to pop off i'll pop you like achne, attack me
and see what I'm bringing you doubt cuz you sleepin, show you them Z's got you counting them sheep
and its like a secret the bullshit you speaking I heard what you said your subliminal sneak diss
was funny to me, I'm doper than 42 hundred MCs in my city so free
i've earned my respect now I'm stacking that cheese and I'll bring any so called king down to his knees
i'm better than you at you own style, they call me a menace a grown child, i'll send you to the dentist
and call my apprentice to take of business hes on...dial
illl crush competition its nothing its easy, I do this for real mufucka believe me
you smilin and cheesing while secretly beefin and act fuckin friendly whenever you see me
the crown is mine, its true and you hate it, this town is mine, its true when I say it
i found your lies youre untruthful and fake its about that time now your spirit is breakin
i swear you dont want it zero to one hundred your empire crumbles before your eyes
so quit all the stuntin, one press of a button will leave you all stumblin down you die
you heard of it nervousness feelin so murderous clocking this math now they call me copernicus
dirtiest worded so wicked you learnin it the furnace with flames im simply impervious

these niggas hate meee, and I don't like the sound of that
they wana break meee, see I gota prolem with that
they act friendly whenever they around me
think they know meeee, they dont know nothin bout me
I do this shit for real (4x)

the god has arrived and i'm grinding you mad cuz my shit is so live now you drowing its sad
your career is now dead nigga you have been had, you loss the control and its obviously bad
i'm killin this shit I got all of your fans fuckin feelin my shit, and you dont understand
but really my nig, its just part of the plan and i got this city in the palm of my hands
you're dead cuz I said it so give me my credit this shit for the street fuck a radio edit
i'll leave you beheaded they hear what I speak like the read it on reddit its over forget it
i'm not the one, this lame nigga front like he poppin guns, knowing damn well he aint never shot no gun
let alone even shot someone, cant wait for the cops to come
my words are like weapons so grab some protection I got'em all silent like class is in session
you talkin all violent with taxi confessions you front like a tyrant the wackest impression
my rap is impressive my grind is excessive I move like a pro my only profession
this like an addiction, this math is addition i do this for real and its never a question
(never a question, never a question) say another word, leave ya brains on the curbs
in the middle of the street leavin stains you observed if a nigga try and diss i'll explain it with words
you can not, compete, with the god, i will make it so you can not speak with ya jaw
if you really want probs then come see me this is job I do this all day and I know who you are lets get this money


released January 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Tikayoh-Blu Boi Muusic Omaha, Nebraska

Born and raised in Omaha, NE, TKO started writing music at age 15 but for the last 10 years wrote and recorded his own music with very little awareness. Having dropped 2 albums (TKOmaha & GENEius) and a mixtape (God King) in 1 years time, TKO has proven he can hang with the elite lyricists and stay consistent. ... more

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